Ian S.

Ian S. , 08 Jun 2016

In my 35 years as an owner in the rental property market, I have had no better person as a rental manager than Tara Hore.


I’ve been extremely fortunate that she has managed my numerous rental properties for more than 5 years where she has been seen to adopt a most efficient and seamless approach.


One of these properties is a ‘challenging’ 1920’s block of 4 flats that has required extensive repairs/replacements over the years which have been most competently overseen by her.


The inevitable crises which have unexpectedly occurred over the years with my properties and tenants have been handled in a prompt, calm and logical manner by Tara.


Her communication and negotiation skills are seen to be excellent, whilst the tenants have been observed by me during site inspections to relate extremely well with her.


She shows a keen interest in the monitoring of my rental properties such that I always feel completely confident in leaving her in total management control during my frequent and lengthy overseas travels.


Tara can be best described as a person who ‘doesn’t let things happen…she makes things happen’; in other words given her experience and hands-on approach, she often anticipates potential problems and then sets about promptly correcting them in a most proactive manner.


In conclusion, I would fully expect from my direct observations as a thoroughly satisfied landlord, that Tara and her Company, TLH Real Estate, will continue to do extremely well in the competitive rental management market.


Ian S.