Are you up to date on the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act?

Tenants will have more rights under the proposed new laws that the Victorian government is expected to introduce in late 2018.  Here’s a list of the key changes your need to know as a landlord. These changes are significant and will have an adverse effect on landlord’s rights but can be minimised with good planning with your property manager.

Rent & Bond Changes

  • Landlords can only increase rent once every 12 months, (versus 6 months currently).
  • Landlords will have to offer their property at a fixed price, and will not be able to solicit additional rent from tenants
  • There will be an automatic 14 day bond return if the landlord does not dispute the bond

Tenancy terms

  • The 120 day “no specified reason” notice to vacate will be abolished, and the landlord will be required to provide a reason
  • The end of fixed-term tenancy 60 or 90 day notice to vacate after the first term will also be changed giving the tenants the right to give 14 days notice and pay only 14 days rent rather than the end of fixed-term


  • Landlords won’t be able to include the “no pets allowed” clause in agreement and will not be able to unreasonably refuse the request. Tenants are still required to attain written permission from the landlord and will be responsible for any cleaning or fumigation related to property damage by a pet that goes beyond general wear and tear.


Tenants will be able to make minor modifications to the property including hanging picture hooks and installing modern communication technology